Marcela Mendez Harp


Teaching activity

Owner of a virtuoso, original and artistic personality and an eclectic repertoire, Marcela Méndez has developed a multifaceted career that places her as one of the most outstanding harpists of her generation.

Marcela was born in Argentina. She started her studies at the Escuela Superior de Música “Celia Torrá” in Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos with the teacher Elena Carfi. She completed her advanced studies in 1994 with the degree of harp teacher. She went on to study in Buenos Aires with Oscar Rodriguez Do Campo. Between the years 1998-1999, she lived in Paris with a scholarship awarded by the Cultural Services of the French embassy, studying with Marielle Nordmann. In 2003, she studied in Italy, with the renowned investigator and harpist Mirella Vita.

She can speak fluently English and Italian and in 1991 she graduated as French teacher. In 2013, she also got a degree in Educational Management from the UCA.

She has received many national and international prizes and in 1999, she got an award at the Arles International Chamber Music Competition.

She has performed in recitals, concerts, masterclasses, lectures and courses in many conferences and festivals in Latin America, America and Europe. Frequently she has been a part of relevant artistic projects in her country and abroad.

She has devoted herself to study and rescue the history and music of Argentinian and Latin American composers, she has played for the first time many works of these authors, in some case they were world premiere.

As a soloist with a selection from the Argentinian repertoire for pedal harp she has recorded three albums. She has been invited to join in different discographic works and she participated in the two albums recorded by the Symphonic Orchestra of Entre Ríos.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of  theWorld Harp Congress.

She is the autor of three books: Historia del arpa en Argentina (2004); Celia Torrá, ensayo sobre su vida y su obra en su tiempo (1st. edition 2001; 2nd. edition 2010); Orquesta Sinfónica de Entre Ríos Crónica Histórica (2013).

She has written several articles which have been published in different specialized magazines like World Harp Congress.

Since 2014 she is pursuing a specialization in Baroque performance of the Italian “arpa doppia”. She has been working privately with Chiara Granata. She attended in 2015 and 2016 the summer course that Mara Galassi gaves in Chiari (Italy).

She has been invited as a guest teacher to take part in the Santa Catarina Music festival (Femusc), held in Brazil between 2013 and 2016.

At present, she is harp soloist at the Symphony Orchestras of Entre Ríos y Santa Fe, posts she got after a contest and the assessment of her qualifications. As regards musical training, she is a teacher of Arpa and Repertorio de Arpa chairs at the Facultad de Humanidades Artes y Ciencias Sociales, Universidad Autónoma de Entre Ríos.

She teaches Harp at the Escuela de Niños 9901 of Santa Fe, a special subject created by her idea in 2004.

Nowadays, Marcela Méndez lives in Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina